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We use a combination of individual stocks and bonds, exchange traded funds, and other investment vehicles to pursue sustainable growth and a level of income that meets your needs.

Our typical portfolio will be anchored by a core of “blue chip” large cap dividend-paying stocks and a mix of individual investment grade corporate bonds while using exchange traded funds to increase diversification and gain exposure to foreign markets and other asset classes. Each of our portfolios is fully customized to fit the needs of our clients, whether that be to generate tax-free income and protect your principal or to pursue aggressive growth by trading on the latest technology trends, but where we have found most of our success over time is a balanced approach between growth & income, while ensuring we are not overly exposed to any company or industry.


Retirement is the primary goal towards which we are working for all of our clients. We work with you to ensure that you are prepared for a long and comfortable retirement with sustainable cash flows and the ability to navigate market downturns and unexpected expenses.

The key to retirement planning is to understand the trade-offs you’re making with different decisions. From finding the right savings strategy and investment approach to deciding when to take social security and determining whether or not long-term care insurance makes sense, we are here to help you understand the pros and cons of each option in front of you and help you make the choice that is best for you.

We are committed to serving all of our clients’ financial needs and helping you through life’s difficult decisions in any way we can through a combination of modern software tools and collective experience.

We work with our clients to add value wherever we can through cash flow modeling using the Naviplan software package and through talking through your goals, helping you to prioritize them, and working through each possible solution. We can work closely with you and your other service providers (lawyers, accountants, insurance agents) to monitor your plan and ensure that we address any life events that may affect your plans as quickly as possible and keep you on track to meet your financial goals.

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